After completion of your development and testing of the application (with iPayy Integration), you want to move it to next step.

To make your application live for all users, you need to request for UAT(User Acceptance Test) by choosing “Request for UAT” link on the iPayy Merchant Portal – application tab . Once the UAT  request is received the iPayy team will get in touch with you . The iPayy team would do a UAT for your application as well as initiate the Business Onboarding process (this is a manual process and would include the Contractual Agreement). Post success of the UAT, you would see “Request for Launch” link on Merchant portal. (In the event of failure on the UAT the process needs to be re-initiated post fixes)

Once the “Request for Launch” link is enabled on your iPayy Portal dashboard, your application is ready to launch. Just click on “Request for Launch ” link and iPayy team will make your application live for all mobile users .

“Keep earning”!!!!