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The web based payment solution provides pre-designed pages to guide the end-user through the payment process. You need to only provide the payment request parameters to the payment API. Once, the end-user completes the payment process, the API would redirect the end-user to the merchant with the payment response parameters.

How it works






How to proceed?

STEP 1  Register and create your application

Register yourself with IPayy and create your first application. After your application has been created, you would be provided with a merchant-key and an application-key. Also add a few mobile numbers for testing.


STEP 2  Integrate with our API

Your application invokes the IPayy Payment API with the encrypted payment request parameters. IPayy would guide the end-user through the payment process. After the payment process is completed, the end-user is redirected back to your website on the callback URL, configured by you.


STEP 3  Request for UAT / Launch

Once the application has been integrated with iPayy API and testing is completed, you can request the application to be promoted to the ‘UAT’ phase. In ‘UAT’ phase, iPayy team tests and validates the application and integration with iPayy. In certain cases, mobile carriers might also test your application integration. Once your application passes the UAT phase, your application is promoted to the ‘Production’ phase. In production phase, any end user who accesses your application can be billed. This phase also marks the start of your financial settlement period with iPayy.


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