1. Download this zip file and extract it in your osCommerce installation folder.
  2. Apply checkout_confirmation.php.diff to checkout_confirmation.php
  3. Login to the Admin interface for your osCommerce shopping cart. Under “Modules”, click on “Payment”. Click on “Install Module” Select iPayy – Pay by your mobile and install it.


Configuration NameValue TypeDescription
Merchant IdStringEnter the merchant id as generated by
Application IdStringEnter the application id as generated by
Display Item Name asSelectionSelect as you want the item name to be displayed on iPayy Payment page.
Store Name: Uses the store name as item name.
Item Name: Uses product's item names (seperated by comma) as item name.
Subdomain Name: Uses full domain name (including subdomain) as item name. Eg.
Domain Name: Uses domain name (without subdomain) as item name. Eg. will show
Custom: Fill the next box for static and fixed item name.
Max. TotalIntegerMaximum total for which this payment mode will be enabled.