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Payment Response is an encrypted string which contains the transaction response and it is sent to the merchant back from iPayy after payment has been done.

How to decrypt Payment Response?


Payment Response is a key-value parameter map which is constructed at the iPayy server.This paramaeter map is encrypted through encryption library to secure the response of the transaction  which was initiated by merchant.







With easy install

  1. Download the egg file
  2. Run the following command  easy_install CryptoClient-0.1-py2.7.egg

Installing from source

  1. Download this zip file and extract it
  2. Run the following command python install



Response Parameters:

DEFAULTopOperator NameService provider of the end -user mobile.This is an optional response parameter
mnMsisdnEnd User Mobile number.This is an optional response parameter
ccCustomer CodeCustomer code is an unqiue identifier for each customer generated by iPayy

txA numeric value generated by the iPayy systemTransaction ID generated by the iPayy system
ccHashed value of users msisdn known as customer –codeHashed value generated for respective msisdn
rValue passed to the iPayy system as a request parameterTransaction Request ID passed as a request parameter
ts STransaction Status
S – indicates successful transaction
User Action Failure

Scenario (due to Cancel / Session Timeout / PIN failure)
rValue passed to the iPayy system as a request parameterTransaction Request ID passed as a request parameter
tsFTransaction Status
F – indicates failure transaction
tfUC or ST or PFTransaction Failure Reason
UC – indicates user cancelled the transaction
ST – indicates session timed out
PF – indicates OTP retry due to failure max attempts exceeded

Billing Failure
rValue passed to the iPayy system as a request parameterTransaction Request ID passed as a request parameter
tsFTransaction Status
F – indicates failure transaction
tfLB or IS or OFTransaction Failure Reason
LB – Failure due to Low Balance
IS – User does not belong to the selected operator network
OF – Transaction failed due to some other failure

Error Scenario
ecError code as defined in the Error code section
emError message
A descriptive message for the error code


Error Codes

The error codes in case billing failed due to configuration, invalid request, unexpected service failures etc.

Error TypeError CodeError Description
Request Format / Value ErrorsIRQ0101A required resource could not be found with the specified parameters. Please contact the iPayy team if the issue persists.
Request Format / Value ErrorsIRQ0102There is an error while decrypting the request parameters
Request Format / Value ErrorsIRQ0103The OTP token is expired
Request Format / Value ErrorsIRQ0104A required parameter is missing or invalid
Request Format / Value ErrorsIRQ0105The requested change of the subscription state in not valid
Request Format / Value ErrorsIRQ0201There is a duplicate parameter passed in the request
Request Format / Value ErrorsIRQ0401The request is using incorrect gateway to access the service
Request Format / Value ErrorsIRQ0601Required header value is incorrect. For Example Accept: text/plain;
Credential / Authorization ErrorsICR0101Credentials were incorrect
Credential / Authorization ErrorsICR0201The OTP pin did not match
Credential / Authorization ErrorsICR0301
Credential / Authorization ErrorsICR0401The required credentials are insufficient
Subscriber / Discovery ErrorsISC0101Malformed MSISDN provided by the customer
Subscriber / Discovery ErrorsISC0201Customer is not authorized for billing (Blacklisted)
Subscriber / Discovery ErrorsISC0301Customer is not authorized for billing (in UAT / TESTING phase)(Not Whitelisted)
Service ErrorsSER0101Error occurred while sending sms
Service ErrorsSER0102Error occurred while sending ussd
Service ErrorsSER0201Error occurred during billing
Service ErrorsSER0301Waiver ticket could not be created
Service ErrorsSER0302
Service ErrorsSER0303Waiver could not be created because of unscuccessful transaction
Service ErrorsSER0401Error occurred while storing / fetching payment request data
Service ErrorsSER0501Error occurred during payment
Service ErrorsSER0701Generic Data Store Access Error
Service ErrorsSER0901Waiver could not be created while processing BPM activity
Service ErrorsSER1101
Service ErrorsSER1301Internal Configuration Error
Service ErrorsSER1501Service is marked down for the operator
Unexpected ErrorUXE0001Unexpected Error
Configuration ErrorCFG0101The application is currently not live for the operator
Configuration ErrorCFG0102Consent failed due to an error
Configuration ErrorCFG0201Required One Time Password(OTP) is missing in the request
Configuration ErrorCFG0301Subscription Configuration doesnot exists for the specified operator
Configuration ErrorCFG0401Requested Billing Type is not supported
Subscription ErrorSUB0101The customer is already subscribed to the product
Subscription ErrorSUB0201The product customer is trying to subscribe is already in progress
Subscription ErrorSUB0301The subscription package customer is trying is not available for the requested carrier/operator
Subscription ErrorSUB0401The requested change of the subscription state in not valid
Subscription ErrorSUB0501The requested change of the modification for customer is already in progress

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